My work combines many influences including pulp era science fiction, comic books, elements of graffiti, typography, and graphic design of years past. I use both traditional methods of drawing and inking with digital coloring and often employ silk screening for the final output of a piece. Hand rendered text is also a big part of my work.  I am fascinated with the technological revolution we are in the middle of today as a society. Every day technology advances exponentially, giving the average person little time to call into question if these advances are a benefit or detriment to humanity. My personal work is a reflection of this fascination and is an attempt to raise these questions. My goal with my commissioned work is make a compelling and unique image that also satisfies the need of the client. For a quote please email me at joetallmanillustration@gmail.com. 

 BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University.

 Associates of Applied Sciences in Graphic Design from Rock Valley College.

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